La-Z-Boy Recliners

So think you know recliners? They may look the same but as they say true beauty lies within. La-Z-Boy recliners have been ahead of the competition in style and comfort for 90 years and here’s why!

Our chairs rock, literally! The rocker recliner does just that with a smooth gentle rocking motion. Once you’ve rocked away the tensions of the day the next step is to use the independent foot rest. Using the handle to extend the footrest into one of its three independent locking positions. This action also cleverly locks out the rocking mechanism

Think you’ve now found the ultimate in comfort?.. think again as now it’s time to start pushing back on the independent reclining action of the chair. If you were in the store you may be drifting off into a peaceful sleep but you would still be noticing that the support remains all the way down your spine due to its smart design and because the back and base are pivoted together. Inferior models don’t have this patented connection and gaps open up between the seat and the seat back.



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This is now the approaching the pinnacle in comfort but as you’ve guessed there’s more! The La-Z-Boy rocker recliner has the added benefit of a seat tilt mechanism. With your legs extended and your seat back reclined the recliner is able to pivot back in unison such your legs can be raised to an optimum position relative to your body to improve circulation and add to that already opulent level of comfort.


So now it’s time to actually experience the magic. Come on down to La-Z-Boy Cannington where one of our experienced relaxing experts will find the perfect match for you!

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La-Z-Boy rocker recliners have all of these features 

Life time warranty on the La-Z-Boy mechanism. – Tested by life, you know it’s not going to let you down.

Independent Reclining Action – find the position you like. Imitators recline in an all together

Adjustable Reclining Tension – Not all people are the same adjust the tension to suit your needs.

Independent Locking Footrest – Doesn’t sag and has 3 locking positions

Seat Tilt Ratchet Mechanism – Achieve levels of comfort only others dream of

Contour-Cut Foam – Long lasting padding that won’t break down

Full Body Support – Lower back and tailbone fully supported at all times of reclining

4-Sided Unibody Box Frame – Strength from within, imitators have open weaker fronts, visible when the leg-rest is extended

Hand Assembled Mechanisms – Hand built and serviceable items built the way it should be


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