Lift Chairs are a the perfect way to make your way into and out of the perfect relaxing position.

Why are these chairs a level above the rest? For peace of mind have a look at the strength within.

Discrete when it’s down, sturdy when elevated and all movements between engineered with safety in mind. Don’t risk yourself and others with inferior imitations!

So now it’s time to actually experience the magic. Come on down to La-Z-Boy Cannington where one of our experienced comfort experts will find the perfect match for you!

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La-Z-Boy has four power houses working silently underneath

POWER Series Lift Chairs power lift

Ascot_06-0000103 Conroy Power Lift-0000399 Eden Large Power XR-0004763 Harbor Town Lift-0001876 Napier Lift_up-0000419

Ascot             Conroy                  Eden           Harbor Town         Napier


LUXURY Series Lift Chairspower lift


Cuban 1234 Eden Large Power XR-0004763 Pinnacle Lift Up Summit Luxury Lift-0000821

Cuban                Eden / XL             Pinnacle        Summit Grand XL

SILVER Series Lift ChairsPower Lift - Silver Serires

James Silver Power Lift-0004594


PLATINUM Series Lift ChairsPower Lift - Platimun Serires

Astor Platinum Lift Chair-0004575    Pinnacle lift chair closed

Astor                    Pinnacle